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no_superhero's Journal

No Superhero: Strange and Beautiful Drabbles
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So what is Strange and Beautiful? Simply put, Strange and Beautiful is a piece of original fiction I started after being inspired by so many other things such as shoebox_project, hateloveletters, 93diagonalley and misadventured. Though you will find that it is significantly different than every single one of these journals, the digital work and pictures were inspired by the format of them.

Alright, now you're wondering, so what the hell is Strange and Beautiful? It's the story of two boys who randomly find one another and, despite the fact that they should by all accounts hate one another, form a fierce bond that transcends absolutely everything else.

It is rated R, which is why there will be entries with warnings on them. But if I do no cut them, don't flame me for it. You've come here of your own accord and I have officially warned you. If you do complain, I will laugh and point. Because yes, I do have the maturity of a five-year-old.

All images used in this journal are credited to GettyImages unless otherwise noted. All digital images (notes, scribbles, scrawls, etc) and original writing are owned by myself and only myself. If you use these in anyway, I will hunt you down and you will not like it. Are we clear? Lovely.

Right, now you can either go read or go somewhere else.

-Shelly (onyourown)