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No Superhero: Strange and Beautiful Drabbles

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9/2/04 09:13 pm - onyourown

Strange and Beautiful


From the desk of Daniel Reed

Mr. Reed,

Having read your autobiography, Strange and Beautiful, we here at Morrison Publishing are pleased to inform you that we are willing to publish and distribute your book. But to do so, there may need to be some changes in the content, which is why we have given you the option of an editor. While we did enjoy your story, we fear that the public may not be ready for something of this matter. Morrison Publishing prides itself in tasteful, informative writing and the blatant homosexuality and implied schizophrenia in your book did not fare well with some of our most esteemed distributors. We hope you understand and take it upon yourself to look into the list of editors we have given you. Included is a copy of your manuscript for you to look over with an editor.

Jakob Morrison
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